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, my son is exactly 1 year old this month, but a few weeks before he was sick with a cold cough, I already brought Dsa, when weighed, Dsa explained that his BB was lacking, at birth my son’s BB was 2.8 kg, Dsa blg BB my child is 1 year old, I have to take 3x as little as BB when he is born, so my BB ank has to be – + 9kg, whereas at this time his BB is only 7.5kg, I was told by my parents to give honey to want to eat, by chance my child is difficult and more likely to breastfeed, I look for information on inet there is nothing that honey is not good for babies, please info’y, thank you very much

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We understand your complaints and concerns. To find out the nutritional status of your baby, more detailed information is needed related to your baby's gender, weight and body length at this time. This information can be plotted on the WHO growth curve from the Indonesian Pediatrician Association or it can also be plotted on the baby's monthly KMS (card to health). The nutritional status of a baby is quite important in its growth and development.
Based on the child's weight table according to age of the world health body, normally a 12-month-old child weighs 8.6 - 10.8 kg in boys and 7.9 - 10.1 kg in baby girls. Therefore, your baby's body weight tends to be still below normal values. It is true that the information said by your child's specialist doctor, that at the age of 1 year, a child must have a minimum weight of 3 times his birth weight for optimal growth and development.
Regarding food consumption in your baby, have you introduced MPASI well to your baby? MPASI is a complementary food for ASI which is started to be given to babies at the latest at the age of 6 months. Because at that age, the nutrition of ASI is no longer enough to meet their daily nutritional and energy needs. MPASI must meet the requirements to cover on time, adequate provision that is containing good and complete nutrition including iron, zinc, vitamins and other minerals that are not sufficiently provided through breast milk, safe and appropriate manner of administration.
At the age of your baby at this time, the baby should have started to consume foods that are textured and tend to be solid or family food. The need for breast milk is only 30% and the remaining nutritional and energy needs are obtained from food. Indeed, the age of babies approaching toodlers (more than 1 year) has begun to be able to choose their food. So parents must be clever in providing variations on the food consumed.
Children who are difficult to eat and tend to prefer breast milk naturally contain insufficient and insufficient nutrients to meet their daily energy needs, therefore weight gain becomes difficult to gain. Keep in mind that between 11 and 36 months of age, a child tends to have a lot of activities and tend to be more active, thus requiring high calories derived from the food they consume. In addition, nutrition from food also functions for their growth and development.
Try to re-introduce other types of complementary foods. You can make it yourself from daily food, make from instant MPASI products or buy baby porridge. Give staples 2-3 times a day and healthy snacks twice a day such as chunks of vegetables, bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. Give foods that contain high animal protein sources to support growth and weight mining. Continue breastfeeding every baby wants or formula milk no more than 500cc / day. Giving too much milk is not recommended because it will make babies feel full of milk and reduce their appetite.
Related to the provision of honey, there is no strong evidence related to honey that can increase appetite in the medical field. Giving honey to infants / children indeed forbids it a lot, because it is feared to contain the bad bacterium Clostridium botulism, a bacterium that has spores and can cause botulism. Although honey is a healthy food, it should be avoided in infants, especially under one year because the baby's digestive system and immune system are not yet perfect. Until now the use of honey is still reaping the pros and cons of children under five. If you really want to be given, it is better to consult with a pediatrician first and make sure honey in healthy packaging and clean of these bacteria.
If with the above advice the baby still refuses to eat, then consult a pediatrician who has expertise in child nutrition or child development and development in order to obtain more complete and relevant information and appropriate management.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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