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Morning. I want to ask whether giving a spoonful of honey to a child two years before going to sleep has an effect on his weight after I drink honey before sleeping can burn more fat? The problem is if you drink it before you have a better sleep .. But I don’t have the weight. I am afraid the BB will decrease …

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Honey is known to have various health benefits, such as preventing and relieving bacterial infections, increasing the regeneration of body cells (including wounds), reducing inflammation, relieving coughs, and so on. A study says that consumption of honey in some people can increase the production of hormones that suppress appetite. However, the truth is still very limited research that proves how big the effect of honey in losing weight.

In line with the above, honey consumption is also not clinically proven to improve the quality or quantity of sleep as you expect. Therefore, it is likely that your child's sleep tends to be more restful when consuming honey is actually not pure due to the honey he consumes. It could be that your baby sleeps better because he is tired from playing, comfortable environmental conditions, lack of sleep during the day, and so on.

As long as your child does not have an allergy to honey, and as long as the honey you use has a good composition (no added sweeteners or harmful additives), the actual consumption of honey in children aged 2 years is not dangerous. However, you also need to make sure that your child does not consume excessive honey. In some sensitive people, honey consumption often also triggers an increase in stomach acid. In children with poor immune system, honey consumption can also trigger botulism.

Therefore, before giving your child honey, especially for the long term, you should first consult your child to a doctor or a pediatrician.

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