Hot And Cold After Being Bitten By A House Cat?

Illustration of Hot And Cold After Being Bitten By A House Cat?
Illustration: Hot And Cold After Being Bitten By A House Cat?

Hello doctor, please answer my question … 9 days ago, my mom was bitten by a pet cat (my cat had never been vaccinated, and before fighting with a stray cat) then at night my mom was hot and cold, her cat did not show any symptoms and my mom I don’t want the vaccine, I’m very worried whether my cat is rabies or not. Because some friends say, rabies doesn’t make cats die, so I’m confused about how to observe the cat … doctor please answer thanks

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Rabies is an acute infection in
the central nervous system caused by the rabies virus through the bite of an animal transmitting the rabies virus including dogs, cats, monkeys, bats, ferrets, and wolves. In Southeast Asia alone about 96% of rabies is caused by dog ​​bites.

Transmission of the rabies virus to humans comes from animal saliva that enters through bites, or licks on blisters or mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, nose, anus, genitals).
If you have a history of being bitten by an infectious rabies animal, you need to consider the type of the wound. If there are no serious injuries and the bite skin still looks intact, it is classified as a low risk injury. In low risk wounds, after the wound is cleaned immediately after being bitten, there is no need to be given an anti rabies vaccine. It is sufficient to monitor the biting animal for 10-14 days. If the animal dies within this time period, an anti-rabies vaccine should be given immediately.

If the wound is classified as high risk (open wound, not intact skin, multiple injuries include face, head, neck, toes, fingers) then anti-rabies vaccine and SAR (anti-rabies serum) vaccine are given. Provision of VAR and SAR is stopped if during the observation period the animal is in good health. Therefore need to be confirmed again after being bitten wound condition.

The way to recognize animals affected by rabies is that animals no longer recognize their owners, do not obey their owners' commands, are easily rebellious without provocation, are anxious, do not like being exposed to light or rays, become violent, eat things around them, and then die within 10-14 day.

Rabies symptoms usually appear around 4-12 weeks after the victim is bitten by an infected animal. Symptoms include fever, muscle weakness, or tingling. But if in doubt should do an examination with a doctor. It is also important to do rabies immunization on your pet regularly.

That's all, hope you can help

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