Hot And Cold Every Day?

Illustration of Hot And Cold Every Day?
Illustration: Hot And Cold Every Day?

Noon, I am a diamond aged 24 years, I want to ask, I am sick for almost a month, I have received 3 treatments. On the other hand, I bought pharmacy medicine but it didn’t stop. The doctor said it was okay, only the weather factor, initially the flu, and sore throat, the inflammation had healed but the left side of the head hurt every day .. every 10 in the afternoon until 6 o’clock shivering chills. The body is weak too … is it still normal to hurt? Mhon help explain ..

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Hello Intan, thank you for the question.

The condition you are experiencing should be explored further, such as how the symptoms you are currently experiencing, how much heat you experience (measured using a thermometer), then when do these headaches usually appear, and how your diet and exercise and rest are . All of this can be continuous related to the complaints you are experiencing.

Basically, fever is a process of increasing body temperature reaching above 37.8 degrees Celsius, and this condition can occur due to many things, for example:

After getting vaccinated, for example in babies or when adults get the flu vaccine. usually this fever will go away on its own and not to interfere with activities. Viral and bacterial infections, such as influenza virus infection, upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal infections such as typhus / typhoid infection with dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya Stress or emotional distress is high enough many things, for example:

Hormonal disorders in women, especially in adolescents and young adults or who are approaching menopause. Dehydration or lack of fluids. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, foods containing chocolate, cheese, and cream Smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke (passive smoking) Triggered by strong odors, too bright light, flickering TV screens, too loud / noisy sounds, and environmental weather conditions. High emotional stress or pressure, for example at work or in the household. Consumption of drugs such as birth control pills, birth control injections, etc. My advice for you at this time, try to calm down first and monitor your condition for the next few moments. Eat enough fluids (2-3 liters a day), adequate food, and rest regularly 6-8 hours a day, to restore your body condition. Check with your doctor to find out the real cause of your condition, and avoid the habit of buying drugs independently without knowing whether it is as indicated or not. If this condition gets worse, causing fainting, drastic weight loss, and interfering with your daily activities, consult a doctor immediately.

Here are the articles you can read:

Lemas body continues to approach, identify the cause

Hopefully the answers I provide can help.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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