Hot Eyes And Red Veins Appear?

Illustration of Hot Eyes And Red Veins Appear?
Illustration: Hot Eyes And Red Veins Appear?

A good afternoon. I have complaints with my eyes, my eyes are minus 2 but I rarely wear glasses. Sometimes I just wear it when I travel, after arriving at my destination because when I wear I feel what I see when wearing glasses feels far compared to not wearing glasses. Then lately I’m unemployed, I often play cellphones and watch videos on a laptop. Besides that I can’t sleep with the lights out, the lights are always on. And now my eyes sometimes feel hot, my brows sometimes hurt, and in the whites of my eyes, their veins are visible. Is it the effect of too much light entering the eye or from my minus? Is it dangerous? And beg for a solution. Thank you

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Hi Auliyain, thank you for asking with

Eyes that feel hot or sore can be caused by several things, including:

- There is irritation to the eye. Usually this is due to foreign matter such as dust, contact lens wear, residual makeup, etc.

- Dry eyes. This is due to lack of adequate eye lubricant.

- Eyestrain. This is usually caused by often staring at a computer / cellphone / tv screen for too long without resting eyes.

- The occurrence of infection in the eye.

- and others..

Many things can cause the eyes to become sore or hot. It is better to reduce the complaints you feel, use glasses that are already in accordance with the size of your eyes (minus the eye). At the beginning of the use of glasses may indeed be uncomfortable, but later will get used. If you feel uncomfortable for a long time, you can consult it again with your doctor.

In addition, you should not stare too long at the cellphone screen, or watch videos on a laptop. This can cause eyestrain and cause eye pain. Rest your eyes every 30 minutes if you are staring at the screen. And give your eyes time for adequate rest.

Other things you can do: stop smoking, avoid using eye makeup, maintain eye hygiene, adequate rest, regular exercise, and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

If you feel severe pain in the eye, decreased vision, severe headache, then immediately see a doctor.

Thank you, hope it is useful ..

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