Hot Fingers?

Illustration of Hot Fingers?
Illustration: Hot Fingers?

Night why ya the back of my finger hot? It tastes like it has been smeared with hot ointment / chili. but only in the right hand. n nThe first time I felt yesterday while holding the mouse. Please explain, thank you ..

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Hi Difa,

Thank you for asking

The burning sensation on the back of the fingers can be part of a mild or severe sensation disturbance. In mild conditions, this burning sensation may only be temporary due to the non-smooth flow of blood to the back of the fingers, for example due to overwork by bending the hands, using rings or bracelets that are too narrow, and so on.

Have you made sure that there are no things causing excessive pressure around your wrists and fingers? If not, then it could be, your complaint occurs due to other causes, for example:

Lack of certain vitamins or minerals, for example vitamin B12 Infection, for example due to Shingles Nerve disorders, for example due to post herpetic neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve clamp, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis infection (rheumatoid arthritis) Vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) psychosomatic, and so on. If the burning sensation really disturbs you, or causes motor problems that make your fingers feel weak and stiff, then you should see a doctor right away. In general, the doctor will first give you several types of medicine. However, if the complaint does not improve with these drugs, the doctor may also refer you to the right specialist, for example a neurologist.

In the meantime, you can compress the back of the finger using warm water to make it feel more comfortable. Rest your hands and fingers first from activities that are too tiring. Be diligent in doing sports, including finger exercises to improve blood flow and also maintain nerve function.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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