Hot Legs, Knee Pain And High Uric Acid Test Results?

Illustration of Hot Legs, Knee Pain And High Uric Acid Test Results?
Illustration: Hot Legs, Knee Pain And High Uric Acid Test Results?

hello. r nI want to ask, before I want to tell you that my mom is fat. my mom has a sore knee. r n before, a few months ago about 6 months ago she often complained about her legs feeling hot. r then the massage goes away when I get tired of the heat again. r nso continues. r n until December 2017, her leg hurts. R nfelt hot too and a bit stiff. R nAbout 2/3 months ago, my mother’s right leg was hot with swelling. R then finally in the lab check the result was high uric acid and cholesterol Also … I was given medicine, which even the man said it would be possible for a week to recover my mother had no effect on taking the medicine in more than a month. r n switched to an alternative thank God it has improved. r nand it has not been swollen again. r my name is still hot sometimes it still pops up. r nbut my mom can’t walk normally, it’s still stiff and slow. r n2 / 3 days ago, my mom started getting sick again, my legs felt hot again, and in the knees a little bit down it hurts a lot. but there was no swelling. r nI want to ask, why does my mother’s feet still hurt and stiff? what is the disease? My mother said from the thigh it was like a pull and if you used it the road it hurt really bad. so I am confused about what is the cause of the pain, the stiffness too. r n two more days my mom wants to check, please pray pray that my mom doesn’t come around.

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Hello, Anisa, thanks for asking

1. Osteoarthritis (inflammation / stiffness of the joints due to thinning between the joints, often due to aging and a history of injury). Obese people are prone to experiencing this in the knees and back because they support heavy body weight.

2.Gout arthritis (inflammation of the joints due to increased uric acid levels)

3. Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints due to autoimmune processes / the immune system mistakes normal cells as "enemies").

To be sure, it requires direct consultation by a doctor, physical examination, and supporting examinations. Some of the investigations that may be needed include x-rays, complete blood counts, gout, to check signs of the immune system. The therapy given by the doctor is anti-pain, therapy according to the cause and according to its severity.

What can be done to reduce complaints and prevent worsening are:

1. Rest the painful part

2. Sports that do not give excessive support to the knee, for example by swimming

3. Limit or avoid foods that increase uric acid, such as chips, offal, fat, green vegetables (spinach, kale), alcohol

4. Reduce pain by taking paracetamol and applying anti-pain cream

5. Lose weight to reduce knee loads. Consult your doctor and nutritionist about weight loss programs.

6. Take medication from a doctor regularly and follow the therapy program.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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