Hot Throat, Dry Mouth, Diarrhea And Nausea

Illustration of Hot Throat, Dry Mouth, Diarrhea And Nausea
Illustration: Hot Throat, Dry Mouth, Diarrhea And Nausea

Hello doctor .. I have a burning sensation in my throat. It has been around a week and have had a chance to check but there have been significant changes. The mouth feels dry and sometimes there is mucus from the nose down the throat. For the time being there are no complaints of cough or severe flu. For normal body temperature. D around the neck a bit painful when d press. Sometimes diarrhea and nausea. The breath feels hot. What do you think I’m sick of? What should I do about complaints? thanks.

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There is a complaint of pain or burning throat that you feel that has been running for about a week, and you have done an examination and treatment to the doctor but there has been no improvement, this may be caused by strep throat and inflammation of your nasal cavity. This condition can indeed be accompanied by complaints of other accompanying, uncomfortable swallowing, dry throat, or heat; the throat is also pressed, the nose is slimy and falls back, the breath feels tired and is accompanied by nausea and diarrhea so all you feel can be a comorbid complaint in strep throat and nose, especially if your appetite is not optimal and the type of food you consumption is not maintained well.

When you feel a complaint that your throat feels hot for a little longer a week, and as if there is mucus in the back that is flowing, then this can cause your immune system to decrease, which will have an impact on your physical condition that is long recovered and increased comorbid complaints other. The duration of recovery that you feel about this one week despite consulting a doctor, is likely to be triggered also by several things below, such as:

Physical fatigue that you still experience
Smoking or alcohol consumption that you might consume if you consume it
You still do not meet your sleep needs / often stay up late, so your body lacks sleep and your health recovery is getting longer
Still often consume spicy, oily foods, instant foods, fried foods, ice, foods or drinks that are too sweet, or drinks in containers, or soft foods
Drink less water
Haven't stayed at home to recover yourself
Still often late eating or eating irregularly

So if some conditions that aggravate your complaint are still being carried out by you and have not been controlled, then the recovery effort that you are doing will also be longer and will require more time. Therefore, at this time, you should begin to identify the cause of the complaint that aggravates your complaint. If you still experience some of the conditions above, then control and avoid all risks. Thus, it is hoped that your condition will improve and recover soon.

However, if in the next 2-3 days, complaints that you feel are increasing or have not improved, you should immediately consult and check directly to your doctor again. Kasrena is currently in a state of being alert for Corona infection, so you should consult online or by telephone, unless your doctor suggests you come immediately to meet. The doctor will examine and determine the cause, whether due to strep throat and nose or due to other conditions, such as:

GERD or gastric acid rise to the esophagus
Digestive infections

Because you have no fever, the possibility of a Covid virus infection is small, especially if you have no contact history with a Covid-19 patient or are traveling to a local transmission area. However, all this will be your doctor's attention. The results of the examination and diagnosis will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment. Thus, your condition will soon improve and recover. And avoid all the risks above so that it can help your recovery.

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