Hot Throat With Fever After Eating Late?

Illustration of Hot Throat With Fever After Eating Late?
Illustration: Hot Throat With Fever After Eating Late?

Hello, I am 20 years old, so this time at night I am late to eat and then I eat samyang (spicy noodles), at night my body is feverish, my hands are hot, my stomach sounds, and my throat is hot and I can’t sleep either. In the morning, only my throat was still a bit hot, but I was also easily chilled when the temperature was cold and chills a bit, does this include stomach acid because I eat spicy on an empty stomach or is it just a fever because my body is not fit?

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Hi Niken,

Thank you for asking

Discomfort around the throat and stomach can indeed be a sign of increased stomach acid, also known as dyspepsia syndrome. This condition can be triggered by an irregular diet, consuming too much spicy, coconut milk, gassy, ​​or containing caffeine.

However, dyspepsia syndrome alone generally does not cause the sufferer to feel fever, which is accompanied by a burning sensation in the hands and other body parts. It is possible that your complaint arises because of a viral or bacterial infection. This infection can attack the digestive system, causing an increase in stomach acid as a secondary effect, or it can attack other organ systems. Not only that, people with infection often experience a variety of other complaints, such as muscle and joint pain, weakness, dizziness, headaches, decreased appetite, and so on. Some types of infections that often show symptoms like what you are experiencing today are tonsillopharyngitis (inflammation of the tonsils and throat), typhoid fever (typhoid), gastroenteritis (intestinal infection), dengue fever (dengue fever), and so on.

Need to clarify, how long have you been experiencing these complaints exactly? Has it been more than 3 days?

If so, you should check with your doctor right away. Usually, not only a physical examination, the doctor will also perform a blood test on you so that possible causes of your disease can be identified and treatment can be done appropriately.

In the meantime, you should get plenty of rest first so that your body becomes more fit and your immune system is maintained. Avoid irregular eating habits, and reduce the consumption of foods that are too spicy and food that is processed unhygienically. Expand to consume warm water and reduce activities that are too tiring so that the healing process runs more optimally. If the body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, you can first take paracetamol to relieve it.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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