Illustration of Hot?
Illustration: Hot?

Hello. nDok, I have a younger brother. Recently, my sister was sick with hot body exhaustion, flatulence and pain, no appetite, weakness, dizziness, dry cough, and body feeling weak (all body aches) when I wake up. Had been checked into a clinic and given medicine but did not recoverĀ². Been to the clinic 5 times and the results are the same. The pain is like routine. Once a month the pain recurs. I am confused about whether my brother is sick or not healed. The heat in her body also didn’t go down and the cough didn’t go away. n My sister is 170cm tall and weighs 49kg. Please advise and what kind of disease is also the way to prevent it from recurring.

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Hello Tata123, thank you for asking

The complaints that you convey can be related to each other due to the same disease or not at all. Generally, body heat needs to be checked further whether it is categorized as fever or not. If the body temperature measured using a thermometer shows a temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius, it is considered a fever. Fever is a sign that your body has an infection, be it a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection. Types of diseases that cause fever include dengue fever, malaria, typhoid fever and respiratory infections.

While coughing is the body's response to removing foreign objects that enter the airway. If the cough is experienced continuously, especially for more than 2 weeks, the patient needs to have further examination. This can be caused by serious infections such as pulmonary tubercullosis (TB), pneumonia (an infection that causes inflammation of the lungs), chronic bronchitis or allergies to certain objects.

With a height of 170 cm and a weight of 49 kg, your brother's body mass index (BMI) is classified as underweight / below the normal range. This can cause a weakened immune system and feel tired easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your sister increase the amount of food intake.

the steps to have your sister checked out are right, but besides taking the medicine according to the doctor's recommendation, the patient also needs to rest sufficiently to recover the body. In addition, consuming a nutritionally balanced diet and avoiding foods with low hygiene will also promote recovery.

Of the several diseases that I have conveyed, you need to make sure the doctor who handles it directly. Because knowing a patient's complaint without conducting a direct examination cannot provide certainty about the patient's pain. If necessary, the doctor who examines your brother will advise you to do some investigations such as blood checks and chest X-rays. So by knowing the certainty of illness, it will be easier to provide education about disease prevention.

so, hope it is useful

dr. barrel

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