How Are The Characteristics Of Children Called Stunting?

Illustration of How Are The Characteristics Of Children Called Stunting?
Illustration: How Are The Characteristics Of Children Called Stunting?

mlm, my child is 20 months old, with TB 73 cm, and not able to walk, if my child says stunting? BBL 3 kg, TB 45 cm …

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Hello Atikah,

Thank you for the question.

At the age of 20 months, the following are normal characteristics of child development:

 Body weight ranges from 9.4 - 12.1 kg Height ranges from 79-86 cm Children can be proficient in sitting, rolling, crawling, gripping objects tightly, moving objects actively, smoothly standing and walking, able to run , can say a few syllables that are often heard, can name most of the objects around him, can combine 2 syllables or more that are meaningful, can show love for people who are often with him, can show fear or sadness when left, and so on with your condition, indeed the growth of height seems abnormal, because it is far below the benchmark height of a normal child's age (below the red line if less than 77 cm). However, to conclude whether this condition includes stunting or not, a comprehensive examination needs to be done, including by measuring his current weight, and assessing his general health status. This examination is ideally carried out directly by the doctor or pediatrician to avoid mistakes, for example due to improper measurements, non-standardized measuring devices, and so on. Judging from the history of his body length at birth, your child is already classified as small from the beginning (optimally, the length of a newborn's body is around 47 to 52 cm), even though his weight is normal (more than 2500 grams).

As for the condition of your baby who has not been able to walk, this can be included in the developmental variations that are reasonable or not. IDAI (the association of Indonesian pediatricians) itself, limits the "danger signals" to babies who cannot walk at all (even 1-2 steps, even while being assisted) until they are even 18 months old. So, if at this time your baby has not shown the ability to walk alone, or if he seems to experience other developmental delays as mentioned above, then you should also check with your doctor for a more objective assessment.

Monitoring the child's growth and development needs to be done objectively by competent medical personnel, so it is not only compared to the children around him. Evaluation is needed referring to the standardized growth and development curve to be able to conclude whether the child's growth is late, or is still a reasonable variation. Various factors, ranging from genetics, lack of stimulation, inadequate nutritional intake, and other health problems can also trigger growth and development delays. However, how exactly is your child's condition, and what kind of treatment needs to be done to overcome it, you should consult directly with a doctor or pediatrician who checks it ..

In the meantime, you need to focus on giving your child milk, water, and MPASI variants that are of high nutritional value. Not only that, always invite your child to interact, play, talk, do not just be quieted, let alone given the gadget too early.

Hope this helps ...

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