How Can The Tonsils Tear And One Lump Appears Under The Jaw?

Illustration of How Can The Tonsils Tear And One Lump Appears Under The Jaw?
Illustration: How Can The Tonsils Tear And One Lump Appears Under The Jaw?

Hello. I am Wulan, I am 23 years old. I want to ask, how can tonsils tear and how is the right thing to do. I have tonsils that even recur sometimes. The last few years my tonsils have become torn. In fact, not infrequently the food I eat is stuck in the gap of the tonsil tears. And a lump appeared under my left jaw. At first I thought it was tonsils. But after I noticed that there was only a lump next to me because if it had tonsils there would definitely be 2 lumps. Please enlighten me, what do you think the lump is, then what should I do with my torn tonsils. Thanks.

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Tonsils or tonsillitis is an inflammatory disease. What you call split is kripta. And what you call stuck rice is detritus. Detritus is a collection of germs, dead cells, immune cells and trapped food waste. The presence of kripta and detritus This indicates a long-standing or chronic inflammation, called chronic tonsillitis. Detritus is a source of infection.
Regarding the lump you are asking about, it is most likely a swollen lymph node due to inflammation, called lymph nodeitis. Inflammation that occurs can be caused by bacteria originating from the tonsils.
You need to know, that tonsils do have a pair, namely left and right. However, enlargement can occur in one or both of them.
You should immediately consult an ENT specialist. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and physical examination. Furthermore, it will conduct supporting investigations if needed such as routine blood. Later, doctors will provide drugs to deal with complaints, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamins. The doctor will plan surgical removal of the tonsils if with these drugs fail.
Meanwhile, you must maintain oral hygiene. You can brush your teeth twice a day ie after breakfast and before going to bed at night. You can also gargle with a temple of salt to clean up food scraps. Salt is a food product that has natural antiseptic properties. Avoid eating fatty foods because it can be easily sticky to the throat so that it aggravates the condition.
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