How Can The Weight Of An 11-month-old Baby Only 5.5 Kg Increase?

Illustration of How Can The Weight Of An 11-month-old Baby Only 5.5 Kg Increase?
Illustration: How Can The Weight Of An 11-month-old Baby Only 5.5 Kg Increase?

Good night. My nurlita has an 11-month-old baby. With bb 5.5kg. I was born 1.5 kg. I had hyperthyroid disease from pregnancy to now. My question is whether thyroid disease can spread to my child.

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Hello Nurlita

A family history of hyperthyroidism increases the risk of this person occurring, or simply your child has the possibility of hyperthyroidism compared to children whose families do not have hyperthyroidism. However, that does not mean that her child Ibu Nurlita will definitely experience hyperthyroidism too.

Hyperthyroidism is a health problem where the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, as a result various symptoms can occur such as weight loss, frequent palpitations and very rapid heartbeat, tremors, are very sensitive in hot conditions (so often excessive sweating), feeling tired, difficulty sleeping, and an enlargement / lump in the neck area.

Although one of the symptoms of hypertriodies is weight loss, it does not necessarily ensure that the difficulty of Ms. Nurlita's child's weight is ideal because Ms. Nurlita's child has hyperthyroidism, because there are many other factors that can also cause an 11-month-old baby to be very difficult to gain weight .

That is why Mrs. Nurlita should bring her child first to a pediatrician so that further study can be done, so that the doctor can better understand what the actual situation experienced by his child Mrs. Nurlita through information obtained from health checks.

As for some things that can be considered for the cause of difficulty in increasing baby's weight are: lack of intake of drinking milk / milk and food (complementary breast milk), the presence of food absorption disorders (eg gastrointestinal infections, milk allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease), increased metabolism as a result of another disease (eg congenital heart disease, pulmonary disorders due to premature birth, hyperthyroidism, infection).

That is why the importance of health evaluation in advance to Ms. Nurlita's child, because there are quite a number of factors that can cause difficulty in increasing children's weight, each treatment of the above conditions is certainly different so it must be ascertained in advance what is the source of the problem so that treatment can be given right.

As for some things you can try to do is give breastfeeding regularly, the baby has reached the age of 11 months can get complementary foods in the form of porridge or finger food, which is food that is cut in small sizes without needing to be made buubr, such as for example giving pieces of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, bread, eggs, etc.

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