How Can Thrombocytopenia Occur?

Illustration of How Can Thrombocytopenia Occur?
Illustration: How Can Thrombocytopenia Occur?

Good evening, my doctor would like to ask how can people with thrombocytopenia be able to have a thrombotic stroke?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Stroke is a condition of blocked blood flow to certain parts of the brain that results in decreased function of the brain. Blocked flow can occur due to two things, can be due to rupture of blood vessels, and can also be due to blockages. Stroke is caused by a blockage, one of which is called a thrombotic stroke.

While thrombocytopenia is a condition when platelets or pieces of blood are below normal values. The main function of platelets is to help stop bleeding that occurs by making clots. So usually, thrombotic stroke is associated with high platelet levels, because with high levels, the automatic risk of clots that eventually clog arteries in the brain increases.

But in reality, there are indeed conditions where a person experiences a thrombotic stroke, and also thrombocytopenia at the same time. However, this condition is much rarer and the mechanism is still unclear. So far there are several theories used to try to explain the condition, including the first is that there is actually no direct link between thrombocytopenia and thrombotic strokes. What causes these two conditions to occur together is because of other risk factors that the person has, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and so on. So other diseases that cause strokes, not specifically thrombocytopenia.

The theory goes on to say that it was not his thrombocytopenia that caused a thrombotic stroke, but that there was one particular event that gave rise to these two conditions simultaneously. The explanation is thus, there are disorders or abnormalities in blood vessels that are spread throughout the body, where there is formed plaque consisting of fat. When these plaques are all destroyed, platelets try to repair the damage by making clots throughout the body. These lumps which eventually become the cause of thrombotic stroke. Meanwhile, because many platelets are used to make clots, platelet levels also decrease and thrombocytopenia occurs. So once again, according to this mechanism, between the two there is no causal link, but they both arise when there is a condition that occurs.

The next theory states that initially there was a condition of thrombocytopenia caused by certain diseases, such as ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), and treatment of this condition would increase the risk of stroke with a specific set of specific mechanisms.

In addition there are also several theories and other possible causes, but what is clear is that there is no definitive mechanism and further research is still needed to be able to confirm it. In your situation, our suggestion is that if you ask in the context of science, discuss this question further with your seniors, and if you ask in the context of the patient, what is important is to go to the doctor regularly and discuss the best course of action. So, hopefully answering your question.

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