How Can You Clean Smokers Lungs?

Illustration of How Can You Clean Smokers Lungs?
Illustration: How Can You Clean Smokers Lungs?

I am 19 years old I want to ask if the bear milk can bear the lungs of smokers because I want to be a soldier

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Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful substances that can disrupt health and cause illness, both mild and moderate. It has long been a scientific study of cigarettes, and the results show that cigarette content has a significant negative impact on health, both active and passive smokers.
The term dirty lungs due to smoking is a layman's term and does not exist in the medical field. So that there are no various substances, foods or medicines that can cleanse the lungs caused by cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke that enters the body, chemicals and toxins that enter the alveoli of the lungs, will be carried to the blood vessels in the lungs and circulated throughout the body. Some poisons can react at the cellular level, accumulate and cause manifestations of a disease, but some toxins are also eliminated by the kidneys to be excreted by the body. This is what can provide short-term and long-term effects due to toxins from inhaled cigarette smoke.
So the dairy products you mentioned aren't right to make the lungs clean.
Generally, the lungs will look normal on chest x-ray examination results even though a person is a smoker, as long as they do not have significant lung abnormalities.
In this regard, we recommend that you stay away from smoking because cigarettes contain thousands of poisons that can damage your body, both lung organs and other organs in the long and short term.
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