How Can You Have A Daughter?

Illustration of How Can You Have A Daughter?
Illustration: How Can You Have A Daughter?

, I’m 22 weeks pregnant. I’m curious about the sex of my baby male or female, I’m doing 4d ultrasound … the doctor said it’s definitely the result of a man. Is this likely to be wrong prediction or for sure? And what is the way if you want to have a daughter? Because you are pregnant with 1-3 children all boys …. this is my 4th pregnancy, I was hoping to get pregnant this time, baby girl bayi

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Hello Risdian,

Thank you for the question.

Along with the development of reproductive organs, usually the sex of the fetus can indeed be detected through ultrasound examination at the age of the womb 4 months or more. There are several types of ultrasound examinations that can be done to monitor the sex of the fetus, ranging from ultrasound 2, 3, to 4 dimensions. The sensitivity of each ultrasound examination is actually not much different as long as it is done directly by a competent doctor or obstetrician. It's just that, with 4-dimensional ultrasound, you can more clearly evaluate other fetal organs, including the heart, lungs, hands, feet, fingers, and so on.

Generally, if the penis and testicles are clearly visible in the fetal genitals, it is most likely that the condition of your fetus is male. However, the results of this examination certainly can not be ascertained 100% accurate considering that it can be influenced by various factors, such as operator competence, gestational age, fetal position, and so on. So, it could be that when you are born it turns out that your fetus is a girl. If you want to be absolutely sure, then you need to do a DNA test on the fetus. But of course, this test is not without risk, and requires a lot of money.

The good, be thankful to God related to the sex of your fetus later. Having sons and daughters is certainly as good, as long as they are born healthy without any lack. Rest assured that God's provision is the best for you.

Some sources mention sexual intercourse techniques or certain dietary patterns can increase your potential to conceive a girl. However, please note, that until now there has been no technique that can ensure you get pregnant with a girl other than artificial insemination or IVF methods. If you are interested in this method, do not hesitate to consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician.

I hope this helps.

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