How Can You Overcome Gastric Disorders With No Appetite?

Illustration of How Can You Overcome Gastric Disorders With No Appetite?
Illustration: How Can You Overcome Gastric Disorders With No Appetite?

Hello doctor, I want to ask. I am 15 years old. Lately I lost my appetite, I also lost 3 pounds from 3 months ago is that normal? I like feeling between nausea and want to defecate and I also often belch and my stomach often sounds, is it stomach acid? but I do not experience symptoms as I search on google, like I do not feel hot in the chest, I do not feel strange when swallowing, I do not experience bad breath, I also do not have an ulcer offspring. just ring. Lately, I also have a lot of thoughts and like to be consumed by excessive suggestion and anxiety. R n r nSo what do I experience is stomach acid? And how do I increase my weight again while eating nausea?

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Hi Alya,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, what was your previous weight?

Increased stomach acid (gastritis) is indeed one of the most common conditions that triggers nausea, heartburn, frequent belching, and also stomach sounds like you experience. This condition can arise due to various factors, such as bacterial infections (especially H. pylori), consumption of certain drugs (especially pain medications), stress (physical or psychological), immune disorders (such as due to autoimmune disorders, HIV, intestinal inflammation), or an unhealthy lifestyle (such as alcohol consumption habits). Not always, people with gastritis will experience bad breath, heat in the chest, uncomfortable sensation when swallowing as you mentioned. Hereditary factors (genetic) also only contribute minimally in the emergence of this disease. Conversely, your condition that is burdened with many thoughts and experiencing excessive anxiety also increases your risk of experiencing this disease. Decrease in appetite which is quite drastic, if not handled properly, can make the intake of nutrients into your body also decrease, so that the weight will automatically go down too.

Usually, the diagnosis of gastritis is made through the exclusion method. That is, this disease is often detected after a diagnosis of another disease has been successfully removed. The steps that can be taken to establish this diagnosis is by endoscopic examination. However, this examination is generally aimed at patients who have shown symptoms are quite severe.

In addition to gastritis, it may also be that your series of complaints arises from other causes, for example peptic ulcer, gastric cancer, gastroenteritis (gastrointestinal infection), colon cancer, intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

If your complaint feels very disturbing, we urge you to check your condition directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. Through a thorough physical evaluation from head to toe, doctors are usually able to make possible causes of your complaints then provide appropriate treatment.

In the meantime, you can do our suggestions first below:

Eat small portions, but regularly 4 to 5 hours (do not make it a habit of eating late)
Vary your food menu, create a pleasant dining atmosphere, eat with people you care about, so that your appetite increases
When you feel nauseous, reduce consumption of foods that are too acidic, spicy, fatty, and contain a lot of gas
Also limit consumption of caffeinated beverages (if necessary, avoid)
Don't smoke or consume alcohol
Avoid things that often make you stressed or anxious, find solutions to those things, don't overthink
Expand to do relaxation, meditation
Exercise also regularly
Do not also consume any drugs (especially non-free drugs)
Drink enough water

Hope this helps ...

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