How Do Typhus And HIV Symptoms Differ?

Illustration of How Do Typhus And HIV Symptoms Differ?
Illustration: How Do Typhus And HIV Symptoms Differ?

Hello, my girlfriend has the same symptoms as HIV, but after seeing a doctor and doing a blood test and proven to have an infection in the digestive tract … I’m afraid because seeing the symptoms of HIV and TIPES is almost the same.

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Typhoid or typhoid infections and HIV infection are two different infections. Some of the symptoms may be the same if indeed someone with an HIV disease has another infection, a digestive tract infection.

Typhoid or typhoid fever is a disease caused by a bacterial infection known as salmonella typhii. The symptoms of typhus that can be caused by this infection are as follows:

Fever that increases from day to day and burdens at night.
Stomach ache
Diarrhea or constipation can be accompanied by vomiting
Muscle ache
Feeling weak and no appetite

Typhus can be transmitted through contaminated food by these Salmonella bacteria, for example from contaminated food or cutlery.

While HIV is an infection of the HIV virus itself (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Disease caused by AIDS is known as this virus attacks blood cells that function as a defense of the body so that sufferers are very susceptible to other types of infections. Transmission of this infection through contact with body fluids sufferers, which can occur through ways include:

Sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse through vaginal, anal or oral penetration can cause the transmission of this disease.
Share syringes. Especially drug users.
Blood transfusion.

Generally, early HIV infection is asymptomatic. This disease is a chronic infection that is a long illness. Aids can be detected accidentally if indeed the patient is not aware of having been infected until finally a secondary infection occurs, an infection due to a condition of the body's immunity which is greatly decreased. Infections that can accompany HIV conditions such as tuberculosis, digestive infections, skin infections, infections of the lining of the brain (meningits) or infections of other body parts.

So that I can convey, hopefully useful.

Greetings, Dr. Tiwie

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