How Do You Deal With Bipolar Symptoms?

Illustration of How Do You Deal With Bipolar Symptoms?
Illustration: How Do You Deal With Bipolar Symptoms?


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Feelings of joy and sadness that arise in someone do not necessarily refer to bipolar disorder. It is natural for you to feel good when there is something that makes you happy. And, it's also natural for you to feel sad when you feel disappointed in a situation. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify exactly what symptoms you are experiencing before diagnosing bipolar disorder too early.

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder in which a person experiences fluctuating mood changes, from being very happy (mania) to becoming excessively sad (depression), or vice versa. This condition can take place so badly that it makes sufferers experience disturbances in activities, interacting with the environment, working, and functioning normally.

The diagnosis of bipolar disorder should be enforced directly by an expert, namely a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist), namely through a structured psychiatric interview accompanied by a comprehensive medical examination. So, it's not just because you experience symptoms similar to bipolar disorder that you have bipolar disorder. In some cases, the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be very similar to those of other conditions, such as anxiety disorder, thyroid gland disorder, schizoaffective disorder, cyclothymic disorder, personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and so on. Therefore, if the symptoms really bother you, try to see a doctor first.

To control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, here are some steps you can take:

Talk to the bottom of your heart, whatever it is that makes your heart feel happy or sad
If there are problems or a history of psychological trauma that you have previously experienced and you are unable to solve alone, don't hesitate to share with family or other relatives who you believe can help find solutions to your problems.
Be more active in social activities so that you get to know more about other people's characters and can think more openly
Rest assured that life revolves, sometimes sad, there are times happy. Therefore, avoid excessive pleasure or sadness.
Increase your closeness to God
Keep yourself busy with activities that enhance yourself
Choose a positive social environment
Live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

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