How Do You Deal With Dull, Dry Skin, And Large Pores In Teenagers?

Illustration of How Do You Deal With Dull, Dry Skin, And Large Pores In Teenagers?
Illustration: How Do You Deal With Dull, Dry Skin, And Large Pores In Teenagers?

Hello I want to ask, It’s been half a month my skin is very dull, wrinkled, dry, spotty on the forehead and cheeks, and large pores even though I was 15 years old. I have never been this bad, but 3 months ago I was full spotty in forehead, I used acne products from a brand and thankfully after 2 weeks my acne was correct u0026sup2; deflated and at the same time I was sick and I took a lot of medicine, my mom said my pimples recovered from taking that drug. And a month ago my acne product was gone and I stopped using that product earlier, I became spotty like now. I am dry but like oily, I don’t know what skin type it is. I ask you for info on skincare or ways to make my dull skin disappear, I am very frustrated at all. Thank you

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Hello Poppy,

Skin that feels dry, drawn, but sometimes oily is probably because your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin lacks fluid in the epidermal layer so that the natural moisturizing factor in the skin disappears. Dehydrated skin can also appear more dull, fine-striped, peeling, and itchy. In some people this skin condition also triggers zits.

To help treat your skin, you can do the following tips:

Get enough sleep
Drink plenty of water
Use a softer, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic facial soap
Do not touch the face before washing hands
Use moisturizers that are water based and non comedogenic
Avoid sun exposure
Use non-comedogenic sunscreens
Use acne medication as needed
Reduce sugary foods and see if there are certain foods that trigger acne (each person can be different, can also not be influenced by food)

If acne is still difficult to treat with over-the-counter acne medications, you can consult further with a dermatologist so you can see directly the condition of your skin. Then the doctor can give you a more appropriate treatment. But keep in mind to consult with a dermatologist after the condition allows it. For now, it's enough to do independent skin care at home and avoid crowds or gathering activities that involve lots of people.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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