How Do You Deal With Postpartum Depression?

Illustration of How Do You Deal With Postpartum Depression?
Illustration: How Do You Deal With Postpartum Depression?

Doctor, I am a new mother, I am 22 years old, 3 months ago I gave birth to a baby girl, after giving birth my life was changed, at first I was easily angry, often cried, I even slammed my child, every time someone took my child away from me i hate it, but every time my children are with me, i ignore it It lasted for one month, my failure in breastfeeding made me feel like I failed to be a mother and felt guilty to my child. Now 3 months after giving birth feeling sad, feeling guilty, empty, often crying, coming back again even I am lazy to do homework , and always want to sleep. Even I want to yell at and pinch my child, reluctant to take care and play with him. Have I experienced depression after childbirth? What should I do to be free from this condition?

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The history of childbirth or the birth of her baby that you passed a few months ago, is a period that is waited by every woman and family, so maintaining that feeling after giving birth is one of the first steps that can be maintained and felt again by a woman after giving birth. However, it is not uncommon to feel happy, or happy to be feeling worried, sad, or unable to control until it is easy to cry and sleep disorders appear. If you feel anxiety and mood-feeling changes that arise after giving birth, this is sometimes a natural form encountered by women after childbirth, but what is needed is to understand the conditions they are experiencing right now, trying to control and cooperate with other family members in passing unpleasant times and feelings.
However, if within a few weeks these feelings of anxiety and worry are still disturbing then this condition can indeed be at risk of causing depression, especially after giving birth and there is no control and adjustment to the new life, self-understanding, and accepting the responsibilities that it encounters. One sign that is often found is feelings and emotional bonds between the mother and child feel much more tenuous. Therefore, if you experience complaints that are easily sad, want to be angry, want to pinch your child and do not want to play with him, this may lead to depression after childbirth.
Depression after childbirth is often triggered by several conditions, such as:
1. feeling of guilt
2. feeling alone
3. not being able to adjust to new living conditions and responsibilities
4. a past or disappointing history
5. hormonal changes after giving birth
6. lack of sleep
So to control all these complaints and the possibility of depression after childbirth is to realize all the shortcomings, let go of all the burdens, get enough sleep, and avoid conflicts that may occur around you. feeling sincere and self-awareness is very important for you in forming a strong person and ready with all the challenges and ready with all the deficiencies that you meet. So you can adjust well to the presence of your baby, yourself, and your family.
However, you should start to consider meeting with a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you break down all worries and help you find good solutions to what you encounter and deal with. Thus, the doctor can conduct interviews, examinations and provide the best solution for you.
For now, it's best to start exercising yourself and maintain adequate sleep for about 8 hours a day to help your emotional resistance to deal with this condition. And get closer to the creator to help your psychic powers.
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