How Do You Deal With Shivering Fever In The Elderly?

Illustration of How Do You Deal With Shivering Fever In The Elderly?
Illustration: How Do You Deal With Shivering Fever In The Elderly?

, how to deal with chills in the elderly who have a history of hypertension and heart?

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Previously need to know first the cause of shivering because of what. Fever can be caused by the following factors:

Exposure to cold temperatures resulting in the body trying to increase body temperature
Standing for too long in the hot sun
Infection, can be bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections, for example flu, sore throat, otitis, sinusitis, hepatitis, typhus, dengue, malaria, appendicitis, urinary tract infections
Side effects of several types of drugs

To help reduce fever, you can do the following tips:

Give enough fluids / water, consult first if there is a history of kidney and heart problems
Adjust the room temperature to make it more comfortable
Avoid directing the fan directly to the body
Let the elderly get enough rest
Give loose and comfortable clothes
Avoid using thick jackets or blankets
Warm compresses
When bathing, use warm water and just a little

As for medicine, I would suggest that you take the elderly to see the doctor directly so that conditions can be ascertained first and can be given more appropriate treatment. The doctor will consider the patient's blood pressure, heart condition, and medications that are routinely taken by the elderly in order to provide a safer fever-lowering medication.

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