How Do You Know If An IUD Has Been Installed Or Not Post-Caesarean?

Yesterday in June I had a CS operation, and the doctor said I would install it. But until now I was worried whether it was correctly installed. How can you know that KB has been installed. thanks.

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To find out clearly if there is an IUD in your uterus, several ways can be done:

The first is to ask the doctor directly who performed the SC operation and ask the doctor to see the surgery report
Second is to look for the IUD thread that usually hangs in the mouth of your uterus. You can do this by inserting your finger into the vagina in a squatting position or sitting open the crotch until your finger finds your cervix, then check if there is a thread coming out of the small hole in the cervix. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you do this.
Third is to do an ultrasound to see the IUD directly in your womb. This third way can be done if indeed you do not find the IUD thread in your cervix.

Consult your obstetrician if you are in doubt whether an IUD has been installed or not.

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