How Do You Know If GERD Is Cured?

Illustration of How Do You Know If GERD Is Cured?
Illustration: How Do You Know If GERD Is Cured?

Excuse me doc, I’m 28 years old. 8 days ago pain like severe breathing, cold feet, stiff neck, back pain, headache, belching accompanied by food that seemed to be vomited (stomach full) throat ache and like there was a block to the solar plexus, sore throat, mucus which will continue to fall down. After my treatment the doctor said I had GERD and then was given the drug omeprazole and domperidone. The doctor gave medicine for only 4 days, if it had not healed, the doctor suggested to redeem the drug at the pharmacy because it minimized the rounding back to the clinic in the current condition. After 4 days, there has been no change to the redemption. After 2 days of taking the medicine, the head doesn’t hurt, the throat has not been sore (but there are still bumps), but it is still stiff, has a heavy shoulder, back pain, if you sleep on your back like a lot of wind in your stomach to your chest (unwell) stomach is not bloated, even a little full quickly. now the medicine is gone, what should I do doc? Should I control LG to see a doctor? Is that really a symptom of GERD being cured?

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Hello Cemil, thank you for the question.
GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract due to a muscular ring on the tip of the throat which is disturbed so that stomach acid and food reflux or rise back into the throat. Symptoms in GERD can be chest pain, burning / burning, swallowing pain, throat and mouth feeling acidic, and so on. Handling of GERD in the form of drugs and lifestyle changes. However, if this has been done optimally and no changes occur, then surgery is the next treatment option.
Some conditions that trigger GERD:

The habit of delaying eating
Certain food and beverage factors
Certain psychological conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety and panic

Related to your question, whether or not it is certainly affected by various things ranging from your regular use of medication and lifestyle changes and how severe the disease is already ongoing. For this reason it is important for you to follow the doctor's instructions and control to see how your situation is developing.
For now things you can do besides taking drugs are:

Perform a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy and nutritious food, getting enough drink and rest, regular exercise
Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and foods or drinks that trigger symptoms such as caffeinated or fizzy drinks, high-fat foods, and so on
Avoid lying down immediately after eating, wait at least after 2 hours
Eat small amounts of food, but often rather than in large quantities in one meal
Manage stress well

If the complaint is still ongoing or is felt to be burdensome such as vomiting and bloody bowel appear immediately to your doctor again for further treatment.
so, hopefully useful.

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