How Do You Know If You Have A Mental Disorder?

Illustration of How Do You Know If You Have A Mental Disorder?
Illustration: How Do You Know If You Have A Mental Disorder?

Hello. I am Muhammad Aldo Aradea. I want to ask, how do you diagnose if you have a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia? Who should we go to? Fear of self-diagnosis, can be fatal. Because I myself often experience mood disorders. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down, sometimes it’s uplifting, sometimes it’s sad, depressed, etc. Thank you very much…

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Basically a person will not be called experiencing a mental disorder if the symptoms they experience do not lead to impaired functioning of daily life. Disruption of life functions meant here is that you become unable to work or study well, you cannot socialize or interact well with others (including making you become shut up continuously in the room), or make you unable to take care of yourself You yourself are well (for example you become unwilling to eat or drink, you hurt yourself, or even have the desire or have had a suicide attempt). If you experience impaired functioning in life as mentioned above, then you can be said to have a mental disorder. However, to find out what mental disorder you have, only a doctor who examines you directly can diagnose it.

If indeed you are experiencing life dysfunction as mentioned, then you are advised to do a check-up with a psychiatrist for evaluation and further treatment. Psychiatrists will certainly try to get rid of the possibility of physical problems that might cause symptoms of mental disorders or certain medications that you consume that might cause similar symptoms. However, given the current corona virus pandemic, you are expected to postpone seeing a psychiatrist unless there are emergency conditions, for example you have the urge to commit suicide, or you have difficulty controlling your emotions and controlling yourself until there is a tendency hurt yourself or those around you.

As long as you do not have the above emergency conditions, you are expected to try to control yourself and your emotions first by doing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, doing yoga, or meditation, trying to discuss your problem with people who can understand you, and try to take good care of yourself (eat nutritiously regularly, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, avoid taking drugs, get enough sleep and rest, get regular exercise every day).

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