How Do You Know If You Have Enough Fluids In The Body?

Illustration of How Do You Know If You Have Enough Fluids In The Body?
Illustration: How Do You Know If You Have Enough Fluids In The Body?

Good night,. To find out whether the fluid the body needs is sufficient, can it be seen from the color of the urine? I drink enough water every day until the color of my urine is rarely yellow, a.k.a clear only, but my skin is very dry, not only on the outside but also on the inside. Why is that so? I seem to have consumed enough water and eaten “healthy food too? Please reply yes. Thank you.

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Hello Aptam,

The color of urine can indeed reflect the adequacy of body fluid intake. In general, the body requires fluid intake of 2-3 liters / day. This amount can change depending on the conditions of each person and also the activities carried out. Clear urine is a sign that your body is getting enough fluids. Instead, the yellow color in the urine indicates that the body is dehydrated. The yellow and darker the urine, the less fluid the body is.

Regarding dry skin, one of the things that causes dry skin is due to insufficient fluid intake. However, apart from insufficient fluid intake, dry skin can also be affected due to old age, skin irritation, the use of certain products on the skin (usually exfoliants, antiseptics, those containing acne medications, and those containing a lot of soap), the habit of rubbing the skin hard, hot showers, low humidity (including in air-conditioned rooms), and if you have certain medical conditions (eg atopic dermatitis and psoriasis).

If you have been drinking enough water 2-3 liters / day but the skin is still dry, you can do the following tips:

Use a moisturizer on the face and body skin, you can choose oil based, repeat the use of moisturizer as needed Avoid scrubbing the skin too hard and avoid using body / face scrubs too often Avoid bathing with hot water Take a maximum of 10 minutes only Use body products or facial products that are moisturizing and contains as little composition as possible Use a soft towel to dry the skin Use a room humidifier if necessary Avoid exposure to direct sunlight Generally using a moisturizer can help treat dry skin, but if you experience a dermatitis condition that makes the skin dry, it itches and peels, You should consult further with a dermatologist so that you can be given more optimal treatment.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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