How Do You Normalize Hoarseness From Coughing?

Illustration of How Do You Normalize Hoarseness From Coughing?
Illustration: How Do You Normalize Hoarseness From Coughing?

Hello. My voice is hoarse and heavy due to cough for 2 weeks. After drinking ambroxol the cough was reduced but the voice still remained hoarse so that it disrupted my activities as a teacher. How do I restore my voice to normal? Thank you …

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The hoarseness that you experience is a symptom of laryngitis, which is an inflammatory disease that attacks the larynx (vocal cords box in the throat). Generally, this disease is caused by a viral infection originating from a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract. For additional information, you can read other causes of hoarseness in this article.
Infection caused by a virus can be cured without special treatment. To fight viruses, the body needs a strong immune system. For this reason, adequate dietary needs for balanced nutrition and rest are required.
Some things you can do at home to accelerate the healing of hoarseness, namely:
1. Consume lots of water, especially warm water, which is at least 2 L a day.
2. Reduce talking, singing and especially shouting. This is done to rest the vocal cords temporarily until healed.
3. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
4. Inhale warm steam from hot water.
If after undergoing the tips above the complaint has not improved or the night is getting worse, you should immediately consult an ENT specialist. Later the doctor will conduct a thorough examination to find out the cause. If necessary the doctor will see first hand the state of the vocal cords through endoscopic supporting examinations. Based on the cause that the doctor found that later you will undergo treatment.
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