How Do You Overcome The Form Of Congenital O-shaped Legs?

Illustration of How Do You Overcome The Form Of Congenital O-shaped Legs?
Illustration: How Do You Overcome The Form Of Congenital O-shaped Legs?

Doctor, I would like to ask a few things about genum varum / O leg.

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Good morning, thank you for your questions on the consulting service.

O leg or also called genu varum or bow leg is a condition where the knee remains open when someone is standing with ankles tight. This usually happens to children, but can improve with age (around 2 years).

So basically the condition of babies born with bow legs or O-shaped legs is normal or normal, this is due to the position of the baby in the mother's womb where the legs fold and with age as the baby grows and starts walking and the legs begin to focus heavily body, legs will be straight by itself (around the age of 12 -18 months) and generally will be straight at the age of about 2 years. If at the age of 3 years and over the condition of the feet are still forming O then this condition can be caused by certain diseases such as:
- abnormal bone development (bone dysplasia)
- Blount disease, a growth disorder that affects the lower limbs, precisely in the shin (tibia), and causes the legs to grow bent.
- broken bones that don't heal properly
- heavy metal poisoning
- rickets or rickets, which is a condition of prolonged vitamin D deficiency, which weakens bones causing the lower limbs to bend.
- Achondroplasia or dwarfism, which is a bone growth disorder that in its development can cause O.
- Paget's disease, is a metabolic disease that affects your bones when repairing itself where the result is bone strength is not as strong as it should be. Usually this disease often occurs in the elderly.

O legs are not directly inherited genetically, but some of the diseases above can form the formation of O legs, some of which can be genetically inherited or caused by conditions during pregnancy. Such abnormalities in dwarfism can be caused due to genetic mutations from parents, poor nutrition and hormonal deficiencies as well as several other causes. While rickets can be caused because during pregnancy the mother has vitamin D deficiency and in some cases can also be caused due to genetic factors.

some therapeutic steps that can be done need to be adjusted to the cause, whether due to lack of vitamin D, due to abnormalities of bone development, etc. In general, O-leg does not require special handling except in very severe conditions if no repairs are made. The doctor will advise to carry out regular checks every 6 months to find out its progress. Non-surgical treatment such as the use of special shoes and the use of supporting frame devices such as braces / cast can also help improve the shape of the foot. In addition, surgery can also be done to improve bone shape. In addition, it should be noted that the underlying causes also need to be addressed so that optimal recovery.

Regarding the surgical method for this O-shaped leg, you can discuss it with an orthopedic specialist or a bone specialist about other more detailed matters. Basically all operating procedures certainly have risks, and certainly in determining whether someone needs operative action or does not require careful consideration. A thorough check is needed to determine the condition and consider the benefits and risks. If the severity of the foot is not severe, it is necessary to consider non-operative therapy first. However, if abnormalities in the foot are severe and disturbing in activity it might be considered for this operative procedure.

Thus the information that we can convey, may be useful. thanks.

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