How Do You Repair Damaged Teeth?

Illustration of How Do You Repair Damaged Teeth?
Illustration: How Do You Repair Damaged Teeth?

Hello, my name is Duati. I am currently 24 years old. In my age, all of my molars have been damaged, and most of them are gone because they have taken off. The upper teeth are uneven because of their large shape and their teeth that stick out, but in between the front teeth there are spots like tartar, even though I have brushed my teeth every day.

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Basically to maintain healthy teeth and mouth, everyone is advised to carry out routine checks to the dentist every 6 months. Brushing your teeth is never enough to maintain healthy teeth, especially if the teeth do have problems such as messy teeth. Toothbrush will not be able to reach all between the teeth, so food can always be left behind and pile up causing the appearance of tartar and cavities. During a routine dental check every 6 months a thorough dental examination will be carried out, plaque between the teeth will be cleaned, tartar will also be cleaned, if there is a small hole in the tooth will be done filling. Small holes in the teeth that are not repaired immediately can cause further damage to the teeth until the teeth eventually become porous and loose on their own. Check with your dentist regularly can prevent this from happening.

In conditions like yours, where tooth decay has occurred and some molars are gone, you should immediately see your dentist and not delay. The remnants of the roots of your teeth will be cleaned and removed altogether and you will be advised to make dentures or put dental implants to replace the function of the tooth that has fallen off. Leaving the condition of the teeth as they are today can cause further infections in the gums (which if left unchecked can also cause even more severe infections to infections of the heart and infections throughout the body / sepsis). If you clean your teeth without installing dentures or dental implants, then you might not be able to eat and not be able to speak properly. Your other teeth will shift to cause the teeth to form more messy.

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