How Do You Sterilize The Room Occupied By TB People?

Illustration of How Do You Sterilize The Room Occupied By TB People?
Illustration: How Do You Sterilize The Room Occupied By TB People?

Doctor, last night our colleague was positive for tuberculosis. We share the same room with him. Is it true that the room we share must be sterilized? How to? Will we also get TB? Moreover, our work space uses air conditioning.

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Hello Rizky, thank you for asking the team.

TB or Tuberculosis is a cough disease caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These bacteria generally nest and live in the lungs, but it turns out that in addition to the lungs these bacteria can also live and cause diseases such as bone TB, intestinal TB, kidney TB, brain TB / spinal cord and lymph node TB. TB disease can be transmitted through droplets or through air that has been contaminated with TB germs, besides that TB germs can be transmitted through food / drinks that have been contaminated with TB germs, blood that contains TB germs or lymph fluid which also contains TB germs. Air mediators have the potential to transmit TB germs, especially if they are in the same room with a partner who has TB disease.

Things that can be done to clean the room that has the potential to transmit TB are:

clean the air conditioner using an air conditioner service, so that the hope is that the incoming air is filtered clean and does not contain TB bacteria anymore, clean all office items such as desks, chairs, and other equipment using antiseptic substances if your office has a window, try in the morning so that the window is wide open so that air circulation can enter and replace the air in the room with new air from outside. If your office has a large ventilation / glass that can free sunlight from entering, then leave the curtains open, because the UV rays produced by sunlight can actually kill all kinds of germs including TB germs try to keep the office boy clean the office until it is clean / use a vacuum cleaner to dust that may be present and difficult to clean. For prevention methods so as not to be infected with TB sufferers are

use a mask when in direct contact with sufferers wash hands using antiseptic soap before touching food, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, keep your immune system optimal by avoiding staying up late, exercising diligently, eating food with balanced nutrition, check with your doctor to see if you are likely infected (because you have a history of being at risk of contact with TB sufferers) Whether you are infected or not, can only be confirmed by doing direct examinations and additional examinations such as laboratory, sputum test, or Rongten. If indeed you are infected, then do treatment according to the advice of a pulmonary doctor, because TB is still a curable disease, but if you are proven not to be infected, then keep taking precautions as we have said above.

So much information from us, hope it is useful. Thank you

dr. Ciptanti

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