How Does Blood Pressure Measurement Work?

Illustration of How Does Blood Pressure Measurement Work?
Illustration: How Does Blood Pressure Measurement Work?

Good morning, I want to ask, my grandmother has a history of high tension 150 systole, diastolic 100. My question, what does blood pressure actually state or interpret? And what does systole and diastole mean in blood pressure? and how the mechanism works so that blood pressure can appear? Thank you

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Hello Eka, thank you for asking.

Blood pressure is a pressure produced by the power of blood flow to the walls of blood vessels. When the heart pumps an amount of blood volume, the heart wall muscles contract. These contractions push the volume of blood out of the heart space. Muscle contractions cause pressure to be passed on to the blood flow out of the heart chamber, then the pressure is passed on to the walls of the arteries. Pressure when the heart is pumping is called systolic pressure (systole in English).

After the heart pumps blood, the heart muscle then relaxes. When the heart relaxes, a number of blood volumes that have been pumped and enter the blood vessels, will then flow throughout the entire body's blood vessels. This causes pressure on the walls of blood vessels to fall. Pressure when the heart relaxes is called diastole (diastole).

The heart must pump blood so that it can enter the blood vessels, because the blood vessels are elastic like a rubber tube. A certain amount of pressure is needed so that blood can be pushed into the 'tube'. The more rigid and narrow the blood vessels, the heart must pump more heavily, the higher the pressure produced. That is called hypertension (high blood pressure). The higher the blood pressure that is detected, means the narrower and stiffer the blood vessels. Eventually the work of the heart muscle will weaken due to muscle damage, if hypertension is not treated. In such conditions, heart failure, artemia, heart attack, and so on. That is why it is important to keep blood pressure within the normal range.

So my explanation, hopefully can add to your insight. Regards.

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