How Does The Developing Fetus Bleed Early In Pregnancy?

Illustration of How Does The Developing Fetus Bleed Early In Pregnancy?
Illustration: How Does The Developing Fetus Bleed Early In Pregnancy?

Hello doctor, after a miscarriage due to the release of a blood clot, I immediately checked with the doctor and the doctor said there was still a thick clot and to make sure I was given a booster to ensure for the next 2 weeks whether the thick clot that was in my developing throbbed. the womb, and if there will be no expenditure for the clot, my question is if the clot develops whether it develops perfectly, because before (as I told you earlier), a blood clot has ever appeared ??? Thank you

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In the early days, thickening of the uterine lining due to pregnancy is quite difficult to distinguish from the usual signs of menstruation or other diseases, such as endometriosis, uterine cancer, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and so on. If the doctor suspects a pregnancy, he can give you 1 to 4 weeks to monitor whether this thickening of the uterine wall will develop into a pregnancy sac and a fetus, or not.

If true, then the pregnancy can continue. However, if there is no visible sac of pregnancy or a developing fetus, then to remove the thickened uterine wall, the doctor can give you several types of hormonal drugs or also direct you to undergo curettage surgery (dilation and curretage). With proper treatment, the risk of bleeding and menstrual disorders can be minimized.

In connection with your question, if it turns out that you are indeed pregnant (ie there is a gestational sac or fetus in your uterine wall), will your pregnancy take place normally or not considering that you have experienced clotted bleeding before?

The answer is yes or no. Bleeding during pregnancy is not always dangerous. Could be, this bleeding is only caused by mechanical injury to the reproductive organs, such as having had sex or hitting hard enough. It could also, this bleeding occurs due to pregnancy wine (hydatidiform mole), the threat of miscarriage (abortion imminens), and so on. If this bleeding only occurs once, with a mild intensity, often this condition is not dangerous. However, if you experience recurrent bleeding, you can check it back to the doctor or obstetrician so that a more in-depth evaluation is carried out. Whether or not the development of a fetus in the womb is purely determined by a history of bleeding during pregnancy, but also the quality of eggs and sperm cells, maternal nutrition during pregnancy, infection in pregnancy, radiation exposure or certain chemical substances, genetic (hereditary), and so on.

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