How Does The Immune System Work Or The Immune System?

Illustration of How Does The Immune System Work Or The Immune System?
Illustration: How Does The Immune System Work Or The Immune System?

If badruz mops the floor using a rag without realizing it he is exposed to bacteria e. What kind of protection does Badruz have so that he is not exposed to the effects of bacteria?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The immune system or the immune system is a system developed by the body to survive various diseases. The immune system as a whole is divided into two, namely innate (natural / natural) and adaptive (acquired).

The innate or natural immune system takes the form of protection in general, not by certain diseases. Examples of immunity are the skin, mucosal layer, namely the layer that lines the oral cavity, throat cavity, and so on. If there are bacteria in the environment, first they will be blocked by the skin so they cannot enter.

When the skin is injured, or if bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites enter the body, then the adaptive immune system takes effect. The immune system is in the form of cells, there are many kinds. Such as lymphocytes, phagocyte cells, dendritic cells, and many more. If these cells also fail, then a person will cause symptoms of the disease, such as fever, cough, runny nose, and so on.

Others add to this division with a passive immune system. Namely the immune system which is "loaned" from other sources, and works only for a limited time. For example, the immune system that comes from breast milk, gives the baby temporary resistance to certain diseases.

So regarding your question, the protection as we have described above is what it has, in order of natural protection in the form of skin first, then in the form of cells.

You can also add insight by reading the following articles about the Role of Immunity and Understanding Immunity. Hopefully answered your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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