How Does The Mechanism Of The Eye And Brain Work When Reading?

Illustration of How Does The Mechanism Of The Eye And Brain Work When Reading?
Illustration: How Does The Mechanism Of The Eye And Brain Work When Reading?


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Hello Septiani,

Seeing, reading, and understanding the meaning of reading (reading comprehension) is a different, very complex, and interrelated process.

First to be able to read, of course we need good vision. Light from the object that we see / read will enter through the cornea - pupils - refracted lenses - fall right on the retina (so that the image is focused / sharp / not shaded) - passed on by the optic nerve - impulses are transmitted to the optic chiasm - optic tract - optic tract - nucleus lateral geniculate - optic radiation - then to the visual cortex in the brain (striate cortex).

That's only until you can see a reading, not yet in the stage of recognizing and understanding the contents of the reading. Understanding the content of reading requires a more complex process in the human brain. Impulses from the primary visual cortex are then transmitted to the visual association area (angular gyrus). In that section, the letters that are seen through the eyes will be translated into words - languages ​​(which go through a process of learning - previous introduction). From the angular gyrus part, impulses are transmitted to the superior temporal gyrus brain area (Wernicke's area) for comprehension - to understand the meaning of words and sentences.

The process of reading and understanding reading is not that simple, other than the parts of the brains above, there are mechanisms and activations of other parts of the brain such as the Broca area, the inferior frontal gyrus, and the insular cortex. The ability to read includes 5 main mechanisms that involve various areas of the brain, namely:

 Word-processing Syntactic Process Syntactic-Semantic Sentence Process - discourse processing Comprehension-related process (reading comprehension) Reading includes complex skills that humans have and develops differently in each human because they involve various cognitive functions such as attention, abstract reasoning, planning, inhibition, problem problems solving, memory, collection of vocabulary and concepts, and so on.

I think the ability to read humans cannot be explained briefly in this answer. You can read it further in medical physiology books or articles that discuss how the brain works during reading (brain brain during reading) if you want to gain more knowledge about how humans can read until they can understand the contents of the reading the.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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