How Is TB Transmitted?

Illustration of How Is TB Transmitted?
Illustration: How Is TB Transmitted?

, my friend just died last night March 26. Well he said he got TB, his lungs got fluid, well, around February 27, he already started to be feverish, then on March 8 yesterday I bought juice, he asked for it and as a result our straws went along right, well I was worried that I would be infected, what should I do? Thank you

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Hi Ayuni,

Pulmonary tuberculosis or pulmonary tuberculosis is a serious infection that can occur in the lungs. This disease is transmitted through droplets (sprinkling of saliva) when talking, coughing or sneezing. Someone who is infected / infected with pulmonary tuberculosis can experience the following symptoms:

 Cough> 2 weeks Cough with phlegm, can be accompanied by blood Loss of weight without apparent cause Night fever, night sweating Shortness of breath, chest pain You do not have to worry about excessive tuberculosis infection even if you risk contracting tuberculosis bacteria because tuberculosis bacteria have a relatively infectious power low. However, if you feel very worried about this or experience the symptoms above, you should check with your doctor to ensure your health condition so that you get early treatment if necessary.

The following recommendations for you:

 Maintain ideal body weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise regularly. Eat healthy, high-protein foods. Get enough rest. Manage stress wisely. Consume enough water. Here's an article about your question:

Causes of tuberculosis

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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