How Is The Baby’s Birth Process?

Illustration of How Is The Baby’s Birth Process?
Illustration: How Is The Baby’s Birth Process?

, please explain the process of childbirth, the details are yes 🙂 Thank you

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The delivery process consists of 3 stages:

First stage

This first stage consists of 3 phases, the initial phase, the active phase, the transition phase. In the initial phase, contractions are felt that are getting stronger and stronger which causes thinning and opening of the cervix up to 4 cm. In this phase the contractions are strong enough but pregnant women can still do light activities and can still go through this phase at home. Women will enter the active phase when the contractions are felt to be getting stronger and more regular and the opening of the cervix 4-7 cm. In this active phase, the stronger contractions will open the cervix faster, so that when it has entered this phase (contractions occur every 3-4 minutes lasting up to 60 seconds), pregnant women are expected to immediately go to the hospital. The transition phase occurs when contractions occur more frequently (once every 2-3 minutes, lasting approximately 60 seconds), the stronger, and the cervical opening has reached 7-10 cm. When the opening has reached 10 cm, the mother is said to have experienced a complete opening and is ready to enter the next stage

Second stage

This second stage begins with the opening of the cervix which is complete and ends with the birth of the baby. The baby will slowly go down through your cervix, your vagina, until it passes through your vaginal opening. and in this phase you are expected to push (straining) every time you feel a very strong contraction in your uterus. You will feel a very strong urge to push as you will defecate. After the baby is successfully born, labor enters the third stage.

Third stage

This third stage is the stage for giving birth to your placenta. After the baby comes out, you might not feel the contractions as strong as before, but in fact your uterus still continues to contract to remove the placenta. The doctor will help by gently pulling the placenta and making sure there is no placental tissue left in the uterus, and also trying to improve the birth canal if tears occur.

After passing through these 3 stages, you will enter the puerperium, the recovery period of the body after childbirth. During the puerperium, all your bodily functions will transition back to pre-pregnancy conditions.

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