How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?

Illustration of How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?
Illustration: How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?

good night doctor ..

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Hello Muhammad Umar, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Until now corona virus transmission which is still justified is through droplets or saliva. Airborne transmission as intended by Dr. Erlina Burhan, is more at risk for health workers when carrying out their duties. This is because there are indeed medical actions taken, allowing or causing this virus can (exist) in the air.

For example, when an inhalation treatment or asthma patient is treated by vaporizing, when the steam engine is turned on, a steam called aerosol is released. If the inhalation / vapor therapy is carried out to a Covid-19 patient, not only steam but also the virus will come out. So if it is done by officers, it must use an N95 mask as one of the personal protective equipment (PPE) which is able to filter 95% of the 5 micro-sized particles so that the virus is less likely to enter. Besides that, Dr. Erlina also pointed out again the spraying equipment used by dentist practices. Dentists must be careful because it can cause viruses in the air and risk entering the airway. Next, another example of the intubation method that doctors do in patients with respiratory failure. The condition of oxygen levels in the blood will be very low. Intubasih must be installed and connected to the ventilator, breathing apparatus through a pipe. This risks an aerosol or evaporation where the virus can be airborne.

So it is better if you still do prevention so as to avoid transmission, such as:

 Enough rest. Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Consumption of enough water. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid traveling to crowded places if it is not an emergency. Avoid contact with sick people. Use a mask when you are sick or apply cough ethics correctly. Wash hands with soap before or after touching anything / activities. Apply social distancing / self quarantine for at least 14 days. Consult a doctor if you have symptoms of cough, high fever, tightness accompanied by a history of contact with positive people covid 19 / history of traveling to the affected area / having comorbidities / elderly. That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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