How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?

Illustration of How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?
Illustration: How Is The Corona Virus Transmitted?

How can a corona virus be infected in someone if that person has never been in direct contact with a patient

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Corona virus or Covid-19 is currently horrendous with the spread of the world so fast. Indonesia is one of the many countries that have been infected, causing panic in the community. Covid-19 transmission to date is known is through droplet / sprinkling of one's saliva. Someone will be very at risk of contracting if there is a history of contact with patients with positive co-19.

Respond to your question how someone can get co-19 without contact. This is what makes the government make a recommendation to stay at home, and avoid crowded places because the "CONTACT" factor is not clear. Someone who is positive may not immediately cause symptoms, this is because the virus incubation period 2-14 days. So if someone is stated positive, he must have been infected by another person or at least contacted him even though not directly for example by using public facilities such as banisters, escalators, elevator buttons, etc.

Right now what you can do to avoid Covid-19 infection is:

Get enough rest, and eat nutritious foods to maintain your immunity.
Avoid traveling to crowded places.
Keep doing physical distancing or giving distance when interacting with other people 1-2 meters.
Use a mask, especially if you are sick.
When you are sick whatever the symptoms, do self-isolating immediately, or quarantine independently at home first. Because you can easily transmit or infect others.
Avoid excessive panic like buying masks, handsanitizers, or even wearing hazmat clothes to the market.
Always wash your hands with soap and running water before and after activities, especially when you want to eat or touch your face.
Avoid going to the hospital for a while, because of the high risk of transmission there.

You can check the risk factors for contracting covid-19 here.

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