How Is The Treatment Of Loose Toenails?

Hello, so this afternoon my father went to the rice field wearing boots, now dad’s activities in the area are not too hard as usual, but earlier, my father’s feet stumbled over a rock, the position was still wearing boots, he said it hurt, then when he checked it, his nails were loose. It was all removed but still stuck to the base of the nails (if the Javanese said it was kiwir kiwir) and it didn’t bleed, but the father said the pain reached the groin like that, this has been covered with hansaplas, is it really handling like that? Because this was what my father wanted to cut his nails but it still hurt, that’s why he cut it off. What do you think about going to the doctor? Or can you treat it yourself? Please explain, thank you

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The condition of the foot that has tripped over the stone can indeed result in partially or completely removed nails, swollen toenails, torn wounds, etc. For the condition experienced by your father where there is a loose nail but there is still a part that sticks to the base of the nail, this condition is a nail that is only partially loose, not up to the base. Of course, this loose nail causes pain. To treat this condition, it is necessary to take further action by a doctor, namely nail extraction, which is an action to remove the remaining nail by anesthetizing the area around the toenail where the action will be carried out. But of course, before the action is taken, the doctor must first check whether it really needs help to remove the remaining nails or whether the nails have been completely removed. If only part of the nail has fallen off and no further action has been taken, there are risks:

subsequent nail growth is not good
infection can occur
There can be a part of the nail that grows through the flesh, causing infection and swelling to occur

Therefore, it is better if further examination is carried out and if further action is needed. Here are the things you need to pay attention to:

clean the wound on the skin where the nail has fallen off with sterile or boiled water and with an antiseptic solution
Cold compress the area around the swelling, then dry it
cover the wound using sterile gauze that is glued on, do not directly stick the plaster on the skin, do not use tissue or cotton to cover the wound because the fibers will stick and are difficult to clean and can lead to re-bleeding or infection
change the bandage every day
keep it from being damp and do not come into contact with water, if in contact with water change the bandage so it is not damp and trigger an infection
taking pain relievers such as paracetamol

It takes a long time for new nails to grow back, including 3 months or more. Here is an article you can read about wound care, dislodged nails, paronychia

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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