How Is Treatment For Gastric Infections?

Illustration of How Is Treatment For Gastric Infections?
Illustration: How Is Treatment For Gastric Infections?

My father has a gastric infection. This gastric infection made my father eat anything that had a strong taste and became more prone to stomach aches and nausea. Already treated and given medicine but it has not improved. My father has a history of neuropathic disease which a few years ago injected pain relief in his spine. To prevent my father from feeling nauseous and sick, what is the best preventive measure, doc? Thank you dock

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First of all, I want to confirm first, has your father really been taken to the doctor for stomach pain and nausea and whether the diagnosis of gastric infection has been made by his doctor?

Basically there are not many microorganisms that can live and infect the stomach, so the term gastric infection will usually refer to the bacterial infection Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori infection can cause symptoms such as:

Pain and burning sensation in the stomach
Stomach pain that is heavy when the stomach is empty
nausea and vomiting
decreased appetite
bloating and often belching
weight loss

H. pylori infection in the stomach can cause several complications such as gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), ulcers or sores in the stomach, and gastric cancer. A person cannot be diagnosed with H. pylori infection only from symptoms, additional tests must be done such as blood tests to look for an immune response to H. pylori, urea breath test, stool examination to look for H. pylori antigen, as well as endoscopy and tissue sampling from the stomach.

If indeed your father's doctor has examined your father and your father has indeed been diagnosed with an H. pylori infection in his stomach, then your doctor will provide treatment using antibiotics for your father. Antibiotics that are used also cannot be arbitrary, but must be given at least 2 types of antibiotics that can kill these bacteria.

If your father has not seen a doctor or has not done the examinations mentioned above, then diangosis of gastric infection can not be enforced. If the pain in the stomach and nausea occur persistently, you should do an examination with an internist for further evaluation. If it only happens when your father consumes foods that taste strong, then your father can try to avoid these triggers.

Here are some other things you can do:

Eat less, but more often, chew food until it has just been swallowed
Avoid eating foods that are too oily, too spicy, too sour
temporarily avoid eating foods that contain a lot of gas
Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks
Take stomach acid neutralizing drugs such as antacids to help reduce pain in the gut.

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