How Is Typhus Treated Without Hospitalization?

Illustration of How Is Typhus Treated Without Hospitalization?
Illustration: How Is Typhus Treated Without Hospitalization?

In the morning I was a 37-year-old woman on the 27th of February 2019.Check the lab with the results of S.Typi O 1/160, S.Typi BO 1/180, S.Typi H 1/160. And to make sure I recover from typhus when I have to check the lab again after treatment from the doctor u0026amp; treatment y just take a break from home alone is not treated in the hospital. Now I am not hot, dizzy and nauseous.

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Widal examination is often done on suspicion of a fever pattern caused by typhoid. WHO recommends that this examination be done after fever for more than 7 days, because the titer has not increased if the fever is less than 7 days on suspicion of typhoid fever.

Widal tests are mostly done because these tests are relatively affordable and easy to do. Suspected diagnosis of typhoid fever if there are symptoms of fever according to the pattern of typhoid fever accompanied by an increase in anti-O titer of more than 1/80 and anti-H more than 1/160. In your case the anti-O titer has increased.

Re-blood tests can be done in the third or fourth week of illness using blood, feces, or urine samples. On blood tests can be done serology re-examination to assess whether there is a decrease in titer.

Typhoid fever does not always require hospitalization. If the patient's general condition is good, there are no complications, and eating and drinking are good, then treatment can be done at home. In addition to medication, supportive treatment is also needed to help the healing process, which includes:

1. Maintain adequate fluid intake.
2. A nutritionally balanced diet, soft consistency, enough calories and protein, low in fiber.
3. Consumption of medicines regularly and thoroughly.

Consult with a doctor to evaluate the treatment that has been undertaken.

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