How Long Can You Not Eat Sweet Foods After Sinusitis?

Illustration of How Long Can You Not Eat Sweet Foods After Sinusitis?
Illustration: How Long Can You Not Eat Sweet Foods After Sinusitis?

Yesterday, after the operation, I could not eat sweet things. How long did my doctor not eat sweet foods? After the operation, sinusitis. My nose, bleeding continued to bleed, then my nose doctor. What should I do after sinusitis?

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Sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinus cavity, can be acute or chronic. If symptoms of sinusitis are severe, recurrent, and do not respond well to the administration of drugs, doctors often recommend that surgery be performed. This operation can be done with an endoscope, which is a small hose that is attached to the camera at the end, so that it can explore the sinuses and the surrounding area properly. In this operation, the inflammation tissue that has accumulated in the sinus cavity will be cleansed, the mass that causes obstruction in the sinus exit will be removed, and the sinus exit connected to the nasal cavity can also be enlarged (balloon sinuplasty).

Some risks can arise from sinusitis surgery, one of which is bleeding. To overcome this condition, your doctor will often also prescribe to you several types of drugs, whether taken directly, or also placed in a tampon that plugs your nose after surgery. In less than 1 week, if your medical condition is good, this postoperative bleeding should gradually improve. The following steps for handling sinus surgery after you should live:

Take medications and take post-operative control as advised by your doctor
More rest
Use a higher pillow when you sleep
Don't blow with your nose for a few weeks to months (for example to blow your nose)
When sneezing, try to keep your mouth open so that the pressure around the sinuses decreases
Stay away from substances that are prone to trigger inflammation in your airways, including cold, dust, animal hair, pollen, mold spores, pollution, and so on
Eat a variety of nutritious foods, especially those that are rich in vitamin C
Drink more warm water

There is no absolute prohibition on actually consuming sweet foods or drinks after sinusitis surgery. However, in sensitive people, consumption of sweet foods or drinks, especially if the sweetener used is artificial sweetener, it is prone to trigger inflammation in the airways, including around the sinuses. This condition certainly risks making your scar more difficult to cure. Usually, the recommendation to limit the consumption of sweet foods or drinks is only temporary, that is, until your clinical symptoms improve completely (often around 1-2 weeks).

If after the discipline of undergoing postoperative sinusitis treatment still arises a disturbing complaint, including bleeding that does not stop, immediately check yourself back to the doctor or ENT specialist to be given the right treatment, yes. Without direct recommendations from the doctor, it is not advisable to consume any medication.

I hope this helps.

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