How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Postoperative Fracture?

Good evening, doc. I have a few questions that make me curious, I am only 2 months old. I want to ask 1. for swelling in the legs after the operation how many months. 2. Does the sole get normal again without being pulled for the curves? tilted somewhat tasteless bump docsThank you

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Postoperatively, shin and ankle fractures may require variable recovery time, can be short, can be slow, depending on many factors, for example the type of fracture (cracked, shifted, crushed), the care taken to overcome it (the type of surgery), activities what you do postoperatively, your nutritional status, other complications (for example bone infections, malunion, nonunion), and your general health condition. In general, if surgery has been performed, the healing period can last for several months (range 3 to 12 months) until you can finally get back to your normal activities. So that healing from a fracture surgery can take place more quickly, you need to get plenty of rest, while also balancing with active or passive movements according to the range of motion around the broken bone. You also need to consume more water, milk, also foods that are rich in vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other nutrients that are good for bone healing. Avoid excessive physical activity first, avoid smoking, and also maintain your ideal body weight so as not to cause excessive burden around the shins and legs that have been operated on.

The ability of your feet to return to bend post-surgery also depends on many factors, namely the presence or absence of injury to other components in your ankle, such as ligaments, muscles, joints, and so on. If during surgery this condition is detected and handled well, of course you can move back (including bending) your legs freely after recovery later.

The feeling of heaviness that you feel in your legs when you get up from sitting is generally a natural thing experienced by the first 1 to 3 months after surgery. This feeling of heaviness signifies an inflammatory reaction that can improve with proper treatment along with your healing period. In the meantime, you can overcome the weight first with a cold or warm compress (choose which makes you comfortable), do not sit excessive bending legs, do not wear tight pants, elevate the position of your feet at rest so that blood flow back more smoothly, and do not be careless massage or massage the leg after surgery.

Postoperatively, although it is very rare, pen may be released. This condition usually occurs due to excessive physical activity or mechanical trauma around the pen. However, the bumps that you feel around your feet are not always caused by a loose pen. This lump can also actually arise due to a natural inflammatory reaction, skin infections, keloids, benign or malignant tumors, varicose veins, and many other possibilities. You better not panic before ...

For your condition to improve quickly, you also need to undergo regular control to a doctor or a specialist in orthopedic surgery. With a comprehensive examination, often the doctor can detect if there are problems with the healing process of your broken bones, then give him the best treatment.

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