How Long Does Recovery After Mastoid Surgery?

Illustration of How Long Does Recovery After Mastoid Surgery?
Illustration: How Long Does Recovery After Mastoid Surgery?

My doctor just mastoid surgery .. Ready for surgery how long it takes to recover? Who knows how long you can run or jog? Thank you

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A history of mastoid surgery or mastoidectomy is a medical action that you undergo because of certain medical indications. Some of these medical conditions can be the reason, that a mastoidectomy is performed, such as:

1. damage or infection of the middle or inner ear with accompanying complications

2. abscess

3. tumors in the mastoid or surrounding areas

4. facial nerve decompression

5. inflammation of the lining of the brain

6. cholesteatoma or excessive epithelial growth in the middle of the ear

7. cyst

8. tympanoplasty or tympanic ear area surgery

Thus, the mastoid surgery that you undergo must be done on the basis of the results of a medical examination, and the results of supporting examinations that have been performed by ENT doctors. So that the diagnosis can be established and treatment or medical action can be given according to the indications.

After surgery, in general, you can undergo a recovery period of about 2-4 weeks, so that you can run the doctor's recommendations during the treatment and recovery period. Some of the recommendations that are usually given by doctors during this recovery period can be:

1. Do not lift heavy loads

2. Do not exercise for about 2-4 weeks until there is information directly from your doctor

3. use 3 tiered pillows for one week after the action

4. You can take a shower after the earmuffs are removed or according to your doctor's recommendations

5. get enough rest

6. avoid cigarettes

7. Inadequate healthy nutritional needs

Therefore, to start strenuous activities or sports, on average, it can start after the 2nd or 4th week depending on the results of your ENT doctor's evaluation. This is done to prevent the risk of complications that can occur, such as facial nervous system disorders, dizziness, ringing in the ears depending on the cause of your primary complaint during mastoid surgery. Therefore, visit your ENT doctor according to the specified schedule, so that the doctor can evaluate regularly and try to prevent complications that might occur.

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