How Long Does The Duration Of The Wound Compress Using Rivanol?

Illustration of How Long Does The Duration Of The Wound Compress Using Rivanol?
Illustration: How Long Does The Duration Of The Wound Compress Using Rivanol?

Afternoon, I want to ask. Rivanol aethacridini lactas can make medicine for skin ulcers that are festering, right? I use it to read it, compress it on the wound. That’s how many compresses it takes, right? I’ll make a mistake, the problem is in Google and the packaging isn’t explained

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Hello Dekdwi, Thank you for the question.

Rivanol (ethacridine lactate) is one of the products used to clean wounds and function as an antiseptic, which is to overcome the growth of bacteria that cause infection. This drug can also be used as a compress on the wound because it inhibits the growth of bacteria, usually used for infected wounds with the characteristics of the skin around red sores, swelling, feeling warm, pus appearing. You may use this medicine to compress your wound. There is no specific standard regarding the duration of compressing with this drug. You can compress the wound for 15-20 minutes with this medicine. You are also advised to monitor the condition of your injuries. If the wound is getting red, swollen, painful, pus increases, and appears fever, you are advised to immediately consult a doctor for further examination and treatment. The doctor needs to do a direct examination of your wound to determine its severity and provide treatment in the form of wound cleansing and antibiotics (can be in the form of ointments or drinking tablets).

I hope this helps.

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