How Long Has HIV Turned Into Aids?

Illustration of How Long Has HIV Turned Into Aids?
Illustration: How Long Has HIV Turned Into Aids?

how long has HIV turned into aids? 1 yr what more thank you

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the human immune system. This virus is transmitted through bodily fluids such as vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk, and can last in the body for the rest of human life as a place to live.
In the course of the virus in the body will go through several stages with varying clinical symptoms. The course of this disease differs from one individual to another depending on the body's immune system.
Early stages occur between 2-4 weeks after initial infection, usually asymptomatic or only generalized generalized lymph nodes. Then the latent stage where the virus continues to replicate in the body that gives symptoms of weight loss of unknown cause, chronic diarrhea of ​​unknown cause more than 1 month, persistent fever unknown cause, fungal infections of the mouth that persists, pulmonary tuberculosis, infection severe bacteria, itchy skin rashes, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. This latent stage lasts for 5-10 years in individuals who are not anti-retroviral. The final stage or commonly referred to as AIDS occurs after 10 years after the first exposure. In this condition the immune system is very weak which is characterized by severe opportunistic infection.
Start antiretroviral therapy in all patients with a CD4 cell count <350 cells / mm 3
cell / mm3 and monitor the clinical course of the disease and its CD4 count every 6 months.
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