How Long Is The Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster?

Illustration of How Long Is The Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster?
Illustration: How Long Is The Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster?

I want it, I will be vaccinated against hepatitis B in the early entry to campus, some say I have to vaccinate again after 5 years, but after I check for anti-HBs, anti-HBs titers, I am still 997, I was refused, the vaccine can’t be due to the high titer, I am immune. still good, r n How long does the vaccine actually last? And when should a booster vaccine be given? Because there was a friend of mine who used to be at the same time as the 2011 vaccine anti-HBs 500, there were also 100, what should I do ?? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Hepatitis B vaccination is given without exception in adults, especially in high risk groups such as medical personnel, medical users, immunocompromised conditions, etc. Vaccine doses were given 3 times at month 0,1,6 months. The distance between the first and second doses is 4 weeks, while the second and third doses are at least 8 weeks to get the maximum protection value.

The post-vaccine protective measure is if the anti HBs value> 10 mIU / ml. High post-immunization individual response (judged by anti-HBs value) is related to the length of time the antibodies remain. The higher the longer the protection period.

The duration of immunity is not precisely known because it depends on the immune response of each individual, but according to the literature in healthy individuals with anti-HBs values> 10 mIU / ml after the vaccine has immunity for 5-12 years if not in an environment at risk of contracting. In addition, memory cells will still be able to protect even if the antibody titer has decreased even if it is below the protective value of 10 mIU / ml.

Booster vaccines are not recommended for individuals with good immunity or immunocompetencies as in your case.

That's all, hope you can help

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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