How Long Is The Recovery After Finger Vein Surgery And Broken Hand Muscles?

Illustration of How Long Is The Recovery After Finger Vein Surgery And Broken Hand Muscles?
Illustration: How Long Is The Recovery After Finger Vein Surgery And Broken Hand Muscles?

Good afternoon. I want to ask, after the finger vein surgery and broken hand muscles. Will everything be back to normal? Thanks.

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Hello Azelea,

Thank you for the question.

The vein you mentioned might refer to the tendon, which is a connective tissue that attaches the muscles, joints, and bones around it. Tendons and severed fingers and hand muscles, for example due to injuries, can cause severe pain, swelling, bleeding, to the inability to move the affected fingers and hands. This condition needs to be dealt with immediately so that no dangerous complications arise. Ideally, this treatment is carried out by surgery (surgery), which is to reconnect the tendon and the severed muscle so that its function returns to normal.

After the reconnection of tendons and broken muscles of the fingers and hands, healing can last for some time (often around 1-6 months). During this healing period, your doctor will generally give you several types of drugs and also recommend that you do physiotherapy to restore the function of tendons and muscles that were previously disrupted. Depending on the number of tendons and broken muscles, the handling that is done, as well as your body's response to the treatment, this condition may recover completely, but maybe not. What is clear, the faster the treatment is carried out, the greater the potential for healing.

The good, consult your condition directly to the doctor or surgeon regarding the best treatment and potential for recovery in your condition, yes. It may be that, for healing to take place more optimally, postoperatively, the doctor will refer you to a medical rehabilitation specialist to undergo physiotherapy.

I hope this helps.

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