How Long Is The Recovery Period For Dengue Fever In Children Aged 3 Years?

Illustration of How Long Is The Recovery Period For Dengue Fever In Children Aged 3 Years?
Illustration: How Long Is The Recovery Period For Dengue Fever In Children Aged 3 Years?

My child has come home from the hospital after being diagnosed with DB. High fever 2 days, day 4 in platelet check 165 thousand and must be treated. On the 6th day the thrombocyte was checked again to 132 thousand with a high fever. Day 7 fever still exists u0026amp; platelets rise to 140rb. Day 8 fever has come down u0026amp; platelets rise again to 144 thousand so they can go home. Children also have a cold cough. Today is the 9th day after 1 day after hospital discharge, the child has a slight fever around close to 38 degC. I wonder why my child? Is it possible that the platelets are dropping again or are the effects of Bapil? Incidentally the afternoon had run. Is it tired? Children aged 3 years less than 1 month.

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Dengue fever, or often referred to as ordinary people as dengue fever (DB), in children is often not a life-threatening condition, in contrast to what happens in adults. With proper and fast treatment, dengue fever in children can generally recover in 1 to 2 weeks. Healing of dengue fever in children can be characterized by the improvement of clinical symptoms that are confirmed by the improvement in the results of other supporting examinations, including laboratory tests.

If after being treated and undergoing a series of examinations and treatment from a doctor, the doctor states that your child's condition is good, and is allowed to go home, in fact there is nothing more to worry about. You can restore your child's health after illness with optimal care at home, while giving children the medicine that is usually provided by doctors from the hospital.

The child's immune system is still relatively weak after being sick, it can indeed make it easier to experience other diseases. This is also the possibility that makes your child cough and runny nose. These coughs and colds often occur due to allergies, airway irritation, viral or bacterial infections, and many other possible causes. As for the fever that your child is experiencing, it is more likely to occur related to a cold cough he is suffering now. Or, it could be, the fever arises because of other infections in your child's body.

It is difficult for us to conclude the possible causes of your child's fever without checking it directly. However, if the fever only occurs in less than 3 days, you should not worry first. First do the following suggestions to reduce complaints:

Let the child rest more
Give him a lot to drink, especially drinks with warm temperatures
Avoid providing foods and drinks that are cold, oily, and contain artificial sweeteners
Do not expose children to excessive cold temperatures (including from air conditioners or fans), dust, pollution, smoke, animal hair, pollen, and other airway irritants
Bathe children with warm water
Give the child warm clothes
Ask children not to shout too much
Give children healthy and varied foods
Also interspersed with the child's eating time by giving him fruit that is rich in vitamin C
Keep children from cigarettes and smoke
To reduce his fever, you can also give him paracetamol according to the doctor's recommended dosage

If the fever still does not improve within 3 days, or other complaints appear more severe, such as vomiting, tightness, stiff neck, convulsions, diarrhea, colic, skin rashes, etc., immediately consult your child to the doctor or pediatrician so that further treatment is given ..

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