How Long Is The Treatment Period For DHF And Typhus?

Illustration of How Long Is The Treatment Period For DHF And Typhus?
Illustration: How Long Is The Treatment Period For DHF And Typhus?

night, I want to ask how long is the dbd recovery period plus typhus, how long is it? his condition was treated in hospital. first only dbd, then when the fifth day was declared typhus too

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Hello Salsabila

The healing period of dengue fever (DHF) and typhoid fever cannot be ascertained how long it takes, this is because the ability of a person's body to be able to recover from illness or fight infections that occur in the body varies between individuals.

So it's no wonder there are people who despite experiencing both illnesses together but only need to be treated 2-3 days in the hospital then can be treated outpatient at home, but there are also those who actually require longer treatment at the hospital.

As for the doctor's consideration in determining when a patient with DHF and typhus may go home is based on:

Physical examination results and vital signs of the patient, such as how high the fever temperature is, the frequency and characteristics of the patient's pulse, etc.
From the results of supporting examinations, for example the results of the patient's blood laboratory, whether the results have improved or even getting worse (away from normal values) when compared with previous laboratory results
Clinical symptoms that the patient experiences, such as whether there is nausea, vomiting, whether or not the patient consumes food provided by the hospital, etc.
The presence or absence of complications factors that patients have, such as having a certain medical condition that already existed before being exposed to DHF or typhus (for example there are heart abnormalities, being pregnant, etc.)

So it is difficult to determine when Salsabila can finish undergoing treatment at the hospital, before conducting a health examination on Salsabila himself directly, do not hesitate to consult with the doctor who treats you in the hospital, because he certainly is much more aware of Salsabila's condition based on the examination that has been he did and also from Salsabila's medical record so that he could give a clearer picture of Salsabila's health condition.

Some suggestions for Salsabila to make the recovery process much faster are:

Trying to spend the food provided by the hospital, because the nutritional needs needed for the patient's recovery process have been calculated in such a way by the hospital's nutrition department according to the doctor's instructions for treating the patient.
Drink plenty of water
Increase the amount of rest, for example by reducing playing gadgets

May be useful

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